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Valves Complete the Manure Handling System

Skinner AgSolutions utilizes a wide range of ball, gate and globe valves to custom-engineer your dairy and hog manure handling system. We select the right valve for your needs from trusted, industry-leading suppliers.


Jash Knife Gate Valves

Jash Knife Gate Valves are available with metal, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile or PTFE seats. Actuator options include wheel, level, pneumatic or hydraulic. The available valve sizes range from 2” to 36”.


Knife Gate Valves Brochure – Jash


Flygt Two-Way Mix/Pump Valves

Flygt’s Two-Way Mix/Pump Valve and its mixer jet are used for heavy mixing or filling the manure storage container with only one submersible chopper pump.


Liquid Manure Technology Brochure – Flygt