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Nutrient-Solid Separator

Nutrient-Solid Separator

Skinner AgSolutions has conducted extensive testing of the AL-2 nutrient-solid separator, with outstanding results. Remove nitrogen and phosphorus for fertilizer use, while reducing the cost of shipping the remaining separated fiber.


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After over 20 years of development, the AL-2 unit efficiently extracts the organic fiber from the manure slurry. With the help of coagulants and polymers, we can show you how to separate the desired amount of nutrients in the fiber. More than 90% of the organic nitrogen and phosphorus can be accumulated in the fiber, making it a valuable organic fertilizer material.

The separated liquid with the phosphorus removed can then be easily applied through irrigation or field application. If you’re not applying the organic fertilizer fiber to your own fields, shipping costs are greatly reduced to haul away just one-sixth the volume of fiber compared to the volume of the un-separated manure slurry.

Video (Video of AL-2 Unit in operation)


Nutrient-Solid Separation Brochure- AL-2