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Reliable Mixers for Every Need

Reliable, high-performance submersible mixers are a key component in your manure storage and handling system. Efficient mixing maintains homogeneity of the substrate, helping distribute bacteria and heat, and preparing for easier pumping.

Skinner AgSolutions is the exclusive US agricultural/biogas distributor for Flygt mixers.


Flygt Compact Mixers

Flygt Compact Mixers are engineered for reliable operation and efficient mixing, and reduce energy usage as well.


Compact Mixers Brochure – Flygt



Compact Mixer Video – Flygt 4650 Mixer (8 hp) mixing 3-6% solids food waste at Michigan State University’s biogas plant, running 24 hours per day.



Flygt Low-Speed Mixers

Flygt Low-Speed Mixers feature the 2-blade or “banana blade” design for reliable operation and reduced energy costs.


 Low-Speed Mixers Brochure – Flygt

Flygt Mid-Sized Mixers

Flygt Mid-Sized Mixers feature the 3-blade design and a proven drive unit for optimum efficiency.


Mid-Sized Mixers – Flygt




4460 Mid-Size Mixers PowerPoint – Flygt


Flygt Jet Mixers

Flygt Jet Mixers combine the innovations of N-pump and ejector assembly to create a powerful and efficient mixer.


Jet Mixers  Brochure- Flygt


Flygt Jet Aerators

Flygt Jet Aerators are available in a range of sizes and features, to meet various needs for aeration performance. Coupled with the innovative Flygt N-Technology Pump, this system offers a cost-effective aeration solution.


Jet Aerator Brochure – Flygt




The Art of Mixing Brochure – Flygt




CFD Analysis of Mixing in a Digester PowerPoint – Flygt