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Liquid-Solid Separator

Liquid-Solid Separator

The Bioselect from Boerger is a closed loop, leak-proof screw press machine used for thickening or solid-liquid separation. When coupled with a Boerger Rotary Lobe Pump, material can flow into the Bioselect unit easily and without clogging.


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Manure substrate enters the Bioselect closed filter chamber, and is then forced into the outer cylinder. Solid content remains inside the filter and then is moved by the auger into the press channel, where the liquid is drained off.

Bioselect BS – Thickening Technology

The Bioselect BS is a combination of a separator unit with two rotary lobe pumps. Between these components, the feed pump conveys sufficient flow to the separator, while the discharge pump determines the level of thickening.


  • Totally odorless operation
  • Thickening rate is easily adjusted
  • Feed pump discharges the separated liquid
  • Turnkey, compact machine
  • Closed-loop system allows for one machine to feed multiple tanks
  • Wide range of flow and solid concentration

Bioselect RC – Dewatering Technology

The Bioselect RC unit, with Multi-Disc discharge, is available as a stand alone screw press separator. It is also available as a completely automated system with feed pump and control panel. The dewatering rate is controlled by adjusting the screw of the Multi-Disc spring assembly.


  • Pumping of the separated liquid in a closed system is possible
  • Rotating, spring loaded Multi-Disc ensures consistent, granular dewatered material
  • Simple installation and cost-effective operation
  • Rotary lobe pump can be connected to either the inlet flange or the liquid outlet flange
  • Wide range of flow and solid concentration

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Bioselect Brochure – Boerger